Character development, leadership and community

Responsible citizens; community leaders

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Leadership and responsibility are central to our vision of whole-child development.

We ask that children take responsibility for their own learning, their own behaviour, and the care of others around them.

We want them to become leaders in the communities to which they belong, whether that be school, local, national…even the global community in their future, perhaps.  We want them to see themselves as people who can make a difference, people who can make things better.

We have an active School Council which meets weekly, and which brings issues for discussion from the Councillors’ classes, and takes issues back for discussion in class.

The School Council has run referenda, decided some spending priorities, discussed uniform changes and organised questionnaires for their classes about learning.

We teach also the values of Resilience, Reflection and Resourcefulness, both as learning behaviours and aspects of character.  Alongside them, we expect good manners and courtesy: children stand and welcome visitors to the classroom, and hold doors open for each other and adults.  As a result of these expectations – and the high quality relationships between children and adults – behaviour around the school is excellent, and is very frequently commented on by visitors.  Playtimes are happy, and children look after each other with compassion.

Built into PSHEe learning also are important elements of emotional intelligence, standing up for what is right, recognising and resisting peer pressure, and also the importance of looking after one’s own emotional health and knowing how to relax.

Each class is asked to carry out an act of community service during the year, which runs alongside our involvement in fund-raising for local and international charities, links with local Care Homes,  and involvement in charitable events like Carol Singing for St Michael’s Hospice.

“We have found a school where our child is truly valued, where his voice is heard and listened to.”
“We are confident that our son's educational and social needs are being met on an outstanding level.”
“When we compared the learning expectations here with other local schools, the choice was really clear...”
“We hadn't thought about private schooling until our boys were unhappy in their other school. We didn't realise how affordable Charters Ancaster was.”
“Sending our daughter to Charters Ancaster was the best decision we've made - we know that she has enjoyed her primary years so much...”
“A great, nurturing, caring school which gives children the best start.”
“Great little school , great staff, high level of teaching. My little boy is very happy here. Love the small classes.”
“We chose Charters Ancaster because of the family feel and the care taken over every child.”
“My child loves coming to school - sometimes we have tears on Saturday because he can't go!”
“We can't thank the staff enough for the care and support our children have been given. They are really thriving at Charters Ancaster.”
“We picked Charters Ancaster because the small class size means my daughter gets the attention she needs to learn at her own pace.”
“I love music. I get music lessons with my class and have learnt to play the piano too.
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