Home Learning Centre

We believe there is a demand for schooling resources among parents who are home-tutoring their children. We are willing to provide tuition by qualified teachers in any subject which is wanted, probably those requiring group participation or specialised skills. Please contact the School Office to request a form on which you can  indicate your needs and return it to us.

We envisage providing three one hour sessions in three different subjects per morning or afternoon . Cost will depend upon the number of children attending.

So, if you would welcome access to sessions of PE, Drama, Art, Music, Forest School or any academic subjects, why not get in touch:

Charters Ancaster, Gunter’s Lane, Bexhill TN39 4EB

Tel: 01424 216670                                  Email:  office@chartersancaster.com

Facebook:  Charters Ancaster Home Learning Centre


We aim to help children develop a high sense of their own worth, with the qualities of resilience, responsibility, resourcefulness and reflection.
About Us
Children may have free taster sessions in the Nursery, or taster days in the School, to make sure that they are going to be happy here.