Prep School

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Housed in a beautiful Victorian house, the Prep school offers a family feel alongside exceptional learning.  Classes are small Рtypically 10-12 children Рand children have specialist teaching for almost all subjects. As a result, attainment Рand learning enjoyment Рis very high.

Despite our small size, we have an exceptionally broad curriculum and depth of learning, we believe the widest of any school in the area.

From Year 3, children learn three languages (French, Spanish and Latin), have weekly swimming lessons in the Autumn and Summer terms, have timetabled Forest School lessons (on our own site, taught by our own staff), have timetabled Chess lessons and have roughly twice as much PE/Games time as maintained schools.

Our teachers are specialists. Teachers who are passionate about their subjects inspire children, and there is a nationally-recognised expertise in the school for the teaching of the most able children.

Learning regularly responds spontaneously to children’s interests and questions, and higher order thinking skills are taught explicitly. ¬†There is a priority given to physical and expressive subjects, in a way that maintained schools locally can no longer do because of the external pressures put on them by SATs and Ofsted.

Our learning starts with where the children are, individually, and what they need to do to get to the next step of progress – not with teaching to the needs of tests.

Assessments are ongoing and light-touch. From Form 3, children’s reading and spelling ages are monitored, and we use GLS Progress Tests in Maths and English at the end of the year to give us individual and group reports on the children’s strengths and next steps; their attainment against Standardised Age Scores; and their progress over the year. All of these show us that our children are doing extremely well.

“I like that I have friends in all the different classes and we all play together.”
“I feel safe in school and I have lots of adults to talk to if I have a worry.”
“Forest School is the best! You learn without knowing you're learning, and it's up to me what I do.”
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