At Charters Ancaster, we believe that participating in sports and games is an essential part of children’s development.

PE builds physical skills, coordination, confidence, teamwork and leadership, and sets the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

Our children have specialist PE teaching from our PE leader, Roy Masters, and considerably more curriculum time is given to PE than in maintained schools.  All children in the Prep school have a weekly swimming lesson throughout the Winter and Summer terms, and an additional three PE lessons a week.

Our sports teams take part in local tournaments and other competitions and despite the small size of the school, we do well, often beating schools ten times our size!  We have a particularly strong record of gymnastics participation, regionally and nationally.

There are regularly three different sports clubs after school each week, including one for Reception and Year 1 pupils.

During the year, children have lessons in football, rugby, hockey, tennis, cricket, stoolball, table tennis, dance, gymnastics, cross country and orienteering.  Older children are also given opportunities to try watersports and adventurous activities at local centres, including PGL at Windmill Hill.


“I like that I have friends in all the different classes and we all play together.”
“I feel safe in school and I have lots of adults to talk to if I have a worry.”
“Forest School is the best! You learn without knowing you're learning, and it's up to me what I do.”
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