Saplings’ is our 2-3 year old room and is supervised by our  experienced room leaders Mrs Jo Flavell and Mrs Keri Ahari and their team. A child starting at Nursery in the Saplings will be able to play with age appropriate toys and sensory experiences. They will be able to choose what they wish to play with and elect to be inside or outside on the veranda. Staff will encourage them to take part in music ,songs, stories and rhymes. in group sessions and they will be given a healthy snack in a circle or at tables as part of a ‘rolling’ snack.


We aim to help children develop a high sense of their own worth, with the qualities of resilience, responsibility, resourcefulness and reflection.
About Us
Children may have free taster sessions in the Nursery, or taster days in the School, to make sure that they are going to be happy here.