‘Twiglets’ is our 3-4 year old class run by Miss Susannah Crump and her team.  Some of the ‘Twiglets’ children will leave at the end of the year to go to school but some will stay for another year. The Twiglets room is slightly more structured as befits older children but they still have plenty of time to play with a free choice of activities and locations ie. inside or outside, the sensory corner, home corner, messy play etc.

The older children are beginning to learn new ‘school skills’ such as how to line up, change for PE, phonics and activities designed for their greater attention span and maturity. ‘Exciting Science’ sessions and greater emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills all take place within a play-based curriculum. Later in the year they transition to schools of their choice.

Each day during the week, the Twiglets and Saplings may take part in sessions taught by specialist teachers including Music, Forest School, Balanceability (Balance bike training) and daily French speaking lessons.

We aim to help children develop a high sense of their own worth, with the qualities of resilience, responsibility, resourcefulness and reflection.
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Children may have free taster sessions in the Nursery, or taster days in the School, to make sure that they are going to be happy here.