Charters Ancaster is a wonderful Nursery and Forest School in Bexhill, for girls and boys aged 6 months to 5 years.



Hello and welcome to the website of Charters Ancaster Nursery & Forest School.

At Charters Ancaster we are very proud of our friendly, family atmosphere, our lovely and extensive setting and our extra provision.

We are also fortunate in having many experienced and highly qualified staff who enthusiastically work together to give every child the best experience they can.

As a former and also present parent of the Nursery, I feel I have a unique insight into a parent’s concerns and interests, and I hope that this informs how the Nursery is run.  I am lucky also to have a very experienced Senior Management Team who support me and all the staff in providing the very best care for our children.

Charters Ancaster Nursery & Forest School is a not for profit organisation and has charitable status. The Directors, who are voluntary, have wide and varied professional expertise, take an active role in developing the Nursery and can often be seen around the site.

We look forward to meeting you and your children very soon.

Susannah Crump

Nursery Manager


Before your child starts at Nursery, you are welcome to have a ‘show around’ when a member of staff will show you around the Nursery premises and introduce you to the staff.  You will have an opportunity to ask any questions about our provision and share any information about your child with the age appropriate Room Leader. Either our Nursery Manager or her Deputy/SENCO will usually be available to meet you.  If neither are available, then the appropriate room leader will show you around.

Once you have registered your child at our Nursery you will be offered some ‘settling in’ sessions in the class of your child’s age group. The first session will be for about half an hour when you can stay and play with him/her. Following this session, your child can stay and play for longer when you either go into another room or go to ‘do some shopping’. There is no charge for these sessions.

Our staff are experienced in settling young children and they will advise you on the appropriate steps: sometimes it can take a few sessions; sometimes it can take longer.  We always ring parents if we feel their child is not settling and is unhappy.  We value parents’ knowledge of their own child and we are happy to work with parents to help each child settle at his or her own pace.


Every day and every week, our room staff plan activities to engage the children by following their interests but also extending their knowledge and skills by introducing appropriate new topics and activities.

They make observations on each child so that they are aware of the stage of development the child is at and are able to plan his/her next steps to promote the child’s learning.  The observations may take the form of notes, photos or videos and these are uploaded to Tapestry and the child’s online learning journey. The parents can then access this through email and a personal password.  We encourage parents to add their own observations and photos too, so that we get a fuller, rounded picture of the child concerned.

Each child has a ‘Keyworker’ who is responsible for the learning journey, ‘next steps’ and getting to know the child well, but all staff in the room aim to develop a relationship with every child.