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All classes – including Nursery children – have Forest School as part of the curriculum.

Den-building, mini-beast searching, whittling, sawing, climbing, cooking…having great fun, getting wet and muddy, and learning how to work together. Our own staff lead Forest School, in our own grounds, enabling children safely to build confidence, connect to the natural world, and develop team-working and leadership skills. The children use a variety of tools and experience controlled risk-taking (and learn how to evaluate risks themselves).

Our woods have a great variety of wildlife and fauna for children to see, and as Forest School runs throughout the school year, children connect with the changing seasons and different weathers. We have set up motion-activated cameras to see what our wildlife gets up to when we’re not around.

We have Forest School staff trained at level 3 and level 2, with full Outdoor First Aid training.

Forest School sessions – alongside Gardening Clubs – also work to develop our grounds. One current project is the building of bee hotels, the planting of insect-friendly plants and the development of a sensory garden around our pond.

Forest School is also offered as a Holiday Club in some school holidays.

“I like that I have friends in all the different classes and we all play together.”
“I feel safe in school and I have lots of adults to talk to if I have a worry.”
“Forest School is the best! You learn without knowing you're learning, and it's up to me what I do.”
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